Selection of papers last 5 years (2012-2017, in chronological order)

Authors: A. García-Peñas, S. Gómez-Ruiz, D. Pérez-Quintanilla, R. Paschke, I. Sierra, S. Prashar, I. del Hierro, G.N. Kaluđerović

Title: Study of the cytotoxicity and particle action in human cancer cells of titanocene-functionalized materials

Ref. Journal: Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry 2012, 106, 100-110

Authors: S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: New Directions in the Fight against Cancer: From Metal Complexes to Nanostructured Materials

Ref. Journal: Book: Molecules at Work. Selfassembly, Nanomaterials, Molecular Machinery (Ed: Bruno Pignataro, ISBN: 978-3-527-33093-5)

Key:CL (Capítulo 10, págs 207-242) Year: 2012

Editorial (if Book): Wiley-VCH

Place of publication: Weinheim, Germany

Authors: L. Rocamora, E. Carrasco, J. Ceballos-Torres, S. Prashar, G. N. Kaluderovic, J. A. Ferragut, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Study of the anticancer properties of tin(IV) carboxylate complexes on a panel of human tumor cell lines

Ref. Journal: ChemMedChem 2012, 7, 301-310 

Authors: S. Sánchez-Muñoz, S. Gómez-Ruiz, D. Pérez-Quintanilla, S. Morante-Zarcero, I. Sierra, S. Prashar, R. Paschke, G. N. Kaluđerović

Title: Preliminary Study of the Anticancer Applications of Mesoporous Materials functionalized with the Natural Product Betulinic Acid

Ref. Journal: ChemMedChem 2012, 7, 670-679 (Cover)

Authors: S. Gómez-Ruiz, D. Maksimović-Ivanić, S. Mijatović, G. N. Kaluđerović

Title: On the discovery, mechanism and use of cisplatin and metallocenes in anticancer chemotherapy

Ref. Journal: Bioinorganic Chemistry and Applications, 2012, 140284 

Authors: S. Sánchez-Muñoz, D. Pérez-Quintanilla, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Synthesis and photocatalytic applications of nano-sized zinc-doped mesoporous titanium oxide

Ref. Journal: Materials Research Bulletin 2013, 48, 250-255

Authors: J. Ceballos-Torres, P. Virag, M. Cenariu, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, Eva Fischer-Fodor, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Anticancer Applications of Titanocene-Functionalized Nanostructured Systems: An Insight into Cell Death Mechanisms

Ref. Journal: Chemistry - European Journal 2014, 20, 10811-10828

Authors: M. Z. Bulatović, D. Maksimović-Ivanić, C. Bensing, S. Gómez-Ruiz, D. Steinborn, H- Schmidt, M. Mojić, A. Korać, I. Golić, D. Pérez-Quintanilla, M. Momčilović, S. Mijatović, G. N. Kaluđerović

Title: Organotin(IV)-Loaded Mesoporous Silica as a Biocompatible Strategy in Cancer Treatment

Ref. Journal: Angewandte Chemie International Edition 2014, 53, 5982-5987 

Authors: S. Barroso, A. M. Coelho, S. Gómez-Ruiz, M. J. Calhorda, Ž. Žižak, G. N. Kaluderović, A. M. Martins

Title: Synthesis, Cytotoxic and Hydrolytic Studies of Titanium Complexes Anchored by a Tripodal Diamine Bis(phenolate) Ligand

Ref. Journal: Dalton Trans. 2014, 43, 17422-17433 

Authors: A. Balbín, F. Gaballo, J. Ceballos-Torres, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, G. N Kaluderovic, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Dual application of Pd nanoparticles supported on mesoporous silica SBA-15 and MSU-2: Supported catalysts for C−C coupling reactions and cytotoxic agents against human cancer cell lines

Ref. Journal: RSC Advances 2014, 5, 54775-54787 

Authors: S. Lázaro-Navas, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, S. Gómez-Ruiz


Ref. Journal: J. Nanopart. Res. 2015, 17, 94 

Authors: J. Ceballos-Torres, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, A. Chicca, J. Gertsch, A. B. Pinar, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Ether-substituted group 4 metallocene complexes: cytostatic effects and applications in ethylene polymerization

Ref. Journal: Organometallics. 2015, 34, 2522-2532 

Authors: B. Rico-Oller, A. Boudjemaa, H. Bahruji, M. Kebir, S. Prashar, K. Bachari, M. Fajardo, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Photodegradation of organic pollutants in water and green hydrogen production via methanol photoreforming of doped titanium oxide nanoparticles

Ref. Journal: Science of the Total Environment. 2016, 563-564, 921

Authors: R. Kotcherlakota, A. K. Barui, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, D. Briones, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez, C. R. Patra, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Nanostructured silica-based materials loaded with curcumin as simple and effective drug delivery systems for cancer therapeutics

Ref. Journal: Biomater. Science 2016, 4, 448-459

Authors: W. Wani, S. Prashar, S. Shreaz, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Nanostructured Materials Functionalized with Metal Complexes: In Search of Alternatives for Administering Anticancer Metallodrugs

Ref. Journal: Coordination Chemistry Reviews, 2016, 312,67-98 

Authors: B. Fernández, I. Oyarzabal, J. M. Seco, E. S. Sebastián, D. Fairén-Jiménez, S. Gómez-Ruiz, A. Salinas-Castillo, A. J. Calahorro, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez.

Title: Luminescence and Magnetic Properties of Two Three-Dimensional Terbium and Dysprosium MOFs Based on Azobenzene-4,4′-Dicarboxylic Linker

Ref. Journal:  Polymers 2016, 8, 39 

Authors: V. S. Bollu, A. K. Barui, S. Prashar, M. Fajardo, D. Briones, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez, C. R. Patra, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Curcumin-loaded silica-based nanostructured materials with improved anticancer properties against human cancer cell lines

Ref. Journal: Materials Science and Engineering C 2016, 63, 393

Authors: B. Fernández, C. Sánchez González, E. San Sebastián, S. Gómez-Ruiz, A. Gómez-Vílchez, J. Bayón, C. López Chaves, Juan Llopis, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez

Title: Novels Anti-Diabetic and Luminescence Coordination Compounds based on Vanadium

Ref. Journal:  New Journal of Chemistry 2016, 40, 5387

Authors: Y. Ellahioui, S. Prashar, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: A short overview on the biomedical applications of silica, alumina and calcium phosphate-based nanostructured materials

Ref. Journal: Current Medicinal Chemistry 2016, 23, 4450.

Authors: R. Sadeghi Erami, D. Díaz-García, S. Prashar, A. Rodríguez-Diéguez, M. Fajardo, M. Amirnasr, S. Gómez-Ruiz

Title: Suzuki-Miyaura C-C Coupling Reactions Catalyzed by Supported Pd Nanoparticles for the Preparation of Fluorinated Biphenyl Derivatives

Journal: Catalysts 2017, 7, 76

Authors: S. K. Nethi, N. Aparna, B. Rico‐Oller, A. Rodríguez‐Diéguez, S. Gómez‐Ruiz, C. R. Patra

Title: Design, synthesis and characterization of doped‐titanium oxide nanomaterials with environmental and angiogenic applications

Journal: Science of the Total Environment 2017, 599-600C, 1263-1274

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