Students and other members of the group

Here is the list of the current students that are being supervised by Dr. Gómez-Ruiz

Diana Díaz García

Graduate Student

Design of novel magnetite-based systems functionalized with metallodrugs

Daniel González

Master Student

Functionalization of Pt-based compounds onto silica nanoparticles

Celia Justo

Undergraduate student

Design of reactors for the implementation of titanium oxide-based materials with  photocatalytic applications

Isabel Rodríguez

Undergraduate student

Preparation of hybrid nanomaterials based on metal oxides with photocatalytic properties

Diana Abengózar

Undergraduate student

Study of the photocatalytic properties of nanocomposites based on carbon nanotubes

Laura Pérez Uclés

Undergraduate student

Preparation of hybrid materials titania-silica

Beatriz Bravo

Undergraduate student

Doping of titanium oxide-based materials with metal ions. Study of the photocatalytic degradation of pollutants in water

David Romero

Undergraduate student

Preparation of palladium supported nanoparticles for various catalytic applications

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